About Northeastern India Actor Pranab Kr Nath First Life

About Northeastern India Actor Mr Pranab Kr Nath

Pranab Kr Nath is a popular short film actor in Tripura . He is one of the most renowned regional video maker in Northeastern India. Mr Pranab Kr Nath who was an engineer an artist in today's date. Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is now a renowned artist. Basically, he is an actor. He works for his society and his video is a medium of it. 

He remains indulged in making videos to sensitize the society positively and his endeavours continue even in this pandemic crisis of 2020. Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is very dedicated to his work and He loves his job more than anything. This is how success follows hard work. It is always his intention to address different social sissies through his videos. Currently, he is working sincerely for short videos.
Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is also very passionate about his work and he has promised to continue with his challenging task for the sake of the society. After all, this should be the real motive of every artist. Mr. Nath always emphasizes the fact that We all are social being and we are owe to our society'. What he is doing is nothing but returning the interest of the capital of the society.. 
Art, entertains and also brings in fame. At the same time, it also aware the society. Pranab Kr Nath is the example of that.