Rising star of Tripura Pranab Kr Nath setting standards with viral videos

Image of Pranab Kr Nath

The aspirations of most of today's youth is to complete graduation or further studies and seek for Government jobs or other livelihood and get a settled life. Under the pressure of livelihood many talents remain unexpressed. But there is a saying that luck favors the daring which was again proved true by a common boy with extraordinary dreams, Pranab Kr Nath born in a far north eastern state of India, Tripura

Image of Pranab Kr Nath
Image Of Pranab Kr Nath Took at Inside Films
Opportunities are few in the hilly state with no major representation in the field of acting on national stage. Pranab Kr Nath was not born with a silver spoon. He like many others graduated as a engineer and got a permanent job and had a settled life. But the soul of an artist was not satisfied with the unhampering daily routine. Against all odds he tried his skills as an actor

The beginning was never going to be easy for Pranab Kr Nath. He was made joke of. But his dedication and perseverance at last paid of. Now Pranab Kr Nath is a well established short film actor. His unique style has gained popularity rapidly and crossed borders. Pranab Kr Nath is inspiring many. He is a motivation for all the raw talents hidden under the burden of society. His recent videos caught the attention of many with over 3.7 million views and 6.9 million reached (Video Link).