About Pranab Kr Nath

About Northeastern India Artist Pranab Kr Nath

Pranab Kr Nath is a Indian Model and Actor, he is one of the most renowned regional video maker in Northeastern India. Mr Pranab Kr Nath was an engineer previously and now he is more than just an artist in today's date. His work is inspiring many and deserves more than just mere praise. 

Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is now a renowned artist in this modern era. His current career is a role played by a person with  a huge heart. You won’t find many people with such determination in the current time where kindness is scarce and excuses many. It takes great resources and a greater amount of openness to go beyond our ways to do something worth remembering.

Our very own Pranab Kr Nath remains to be indulged in making videos from a very wide scope to sensitize the society positively. His humble endeavors continue even in this pandemic crisis of 2020. 

Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is very dedicated to his work and he loves his job more than any other available way of living. This is how success follows hard work. He has worked very diligently for achieving this recognition in life. It is always his intention to address different social alterations through his videos. In other ways, it is more than just some short videos. They are not just for entertainment purposes, it never was. What would you do if you had the capability to work for something you want to along with this will to do it? Pranab Kr Nath is the answer.

Mr. Pranab Kr Nath is also very passionate about his work and he has promised to continue with his task. Not for the sake of this society, but for the positive voice inside his heart that wants to do this. After all, this should be the real motive of every artist. To bring about a change in this society

Mr. Nath always emphasizes the fact that we all are social being and we are all allotted a particular role in this world and space that we live in. What he does is nothing but returning the interest on the capital of this society. This means that, this world gives him life and this life should be dedicated to everyone around us, the ones who need us. 

Art, entertains and what brings us real fame is our personality. Pranab Kr Nath has one such personality which is loved by all. At the same time, he also aware the life around him that exists and requires his participation.