Chhipi The Cap


Film: Chhipi The Cap (2019)

Type: Movie
Plot: Chhipi The Cap A bottle is nothing without its cap. And here is the importance of a cap. Thus a Cap can make us useful or useless by positioning differently. In this film I tried to give a small innovative idea to stop the reuse of plastic bottles towards eco-friendly environment.
Genres: Drama, Family
Director: Abhijit Ashok Paul
Cast: Pranab Kr Nath, Abhijit Ashok Paul, Srikanta Manna, Abhinanda Karmakar, Rajesh Karmakar
Writer: Abhijit Ashok Paul
Release Date: Digital 21/11/2019
Country: India 
Language: Bengali (In India)
Budget: 1,365 USD (estimated