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Pranab Kr Nath is an Indian Actor and Model also Musician Artist,


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Pranab Kr Nath is an Indian Film Actor and Model also Musician Artist, Influencer, Films Director and Producer. Apart from this, he has contributed a lot towards the welfare of the society. Donations for various NGOS along with Orphanages are done on a regular basis. Pranab Kr Nath is a Well-Known Actor with a unique style from Northeastern India, Tripura. Founder of Hric Music

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Pranab Kr Nath (Bengali: প্রনব কর নাথ was Born: 18 December 1991) is an Indian Actor, and Model also Musician Artist, Influencer, Films Director and Producer. He born in a small town in Tripura in India, Pranab Kr Nath started his Actor journey at an early age, inheriting his acting talent from his mother. His portfolio of work includes original Short Films, television, web series, and commercial advertisements.
Education: He completed him graduation with an honors degree in Political Science from the Tripura University, and he completed him Master Degree with an honors degree in Political Science from the Indira Gandhi National Open University.
Pranab Kr Nath, a 29 year old Actor, has gained a lot of fame since he started making Short Films. Pranab Kr Nath Notable Person for his Short Film Content. He is a talented Video Creator in Northeastern India. He is inarguably one of the best Short Film Actor in the region as well as the country. However, Mr Pranab Kr Nath considers himself as an entertainer. He sure is one of the most talented director, producer as well as photographer! In a recent interview on Tripura News Tv Channel, he spoke about his interesting lifestyle. YouTube and other social media accounts are his main platforms to spread awareness and his artistic skills. “When I am in front of the camera, I cannot afford to switch from my actual personality. I like to talk to people and make friends. A lot of people text me and sometimes it becomes very difficult to reply to all of them,” he said. 
FilmographySome of the most popular Films are HridoyporaChhipi the CapKalu Doner MastaniVaijaner Gram SafarJibon Onek DamiAchena Shahar

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The most prominent and celebrated hobby of Pranab Kr Nath is creating Videos and Short Films. His Photography skills are excellent. He can bring out the beauty in anything that he visualizes and portrays through his camera.









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